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Study. Work. Live in Canada

When it comes to studying abroad a number of people, choose Canada.  When we talk about the statics, India is the second place from which a great number of students go there to study. Even according to the recent reports which were released on November 2014, 13,758 visas were given to the Indian students in that particular year. It’s not just India, but thousands of people from different parts of the world shift to Canada to attain world-class education which is offered there.

When we talk about the study culture in Canada, it’s not just the students who are eager to study there even the Canadian Government has made easier rules for the people as they even want more people to come and attain education. To support the foreign students, Canada declared reformed regulations in June 2014 to reinforce Canada’s status as a study destination and make services better to real students while keeping in mind Canada’s international reputation for the quality education.


Details about Canada

  1. The land mass of Canada is 9970610 km2which makes it the world’s second-largest country and its population  is 35.6 million (2011)
  2. Expected Life Expectancy Rate in Canada is 80.9 Years (2008)
  3. Immigration to Canada: 559,114 arrivals have been there (2010)
  4. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa (located in Ontario)
  5. Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories.
  6. The Canadian dollar is divided into 100 cents (like the American dollar)
  7. In Canada, $1 and $2 are characterized by coins. Nicknamed the 006Coonie
  8. Canada is a legitimate monarchy and a federal state with a self-governing parliament
  9. The Parliament is set up in Ottawa and consists of the House of Commons (Lower House) and the Senate (The Upper House – whose members are appointed)
  10. In Canada presently there are 5 officially recognized parties in the House of Commons: The Liberals, Canadian Alliance, Bloc Quebecois, Progressive Conservatives and the New Democratic Party.
  11. Canada currently resides on the United Nations Security Council as a non-permanent representative.
  12. Canada is also connected with a number of international organizations including NATO, OSCE, OAS, and APEC.
  13. Canada is a quiet and happy place where living is counted safe for immigrants.
  14. Canada is a bilingual nation which has both English as well as French as its official languages at the federal level.

Thus this explains that Canada is a great place if you want to achieve a quality education. Considering factors such as lifestyle, currency, environment, everything makes this place a perfect one. So by this one can be clear that this is the best place to study and one should definitely meet student visa consultant to go for the further processing.